Your Magical Powers!


June 22, 2013 by curtisrodgers165618432

Unleash Your Magical Powers

Curtis’ New Book

I am thrilled to announce that my new book Unleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your Life is now available on Amazon on kindle or in paperback!

Turn a boring, uneventful life into an amazing journey of magical discovery. Curtis Lee explains 7 easy methods that turn struggles into triumphs. Learn how to use visualization imagery techniques to deal with unruly coworkers, nail that important interview, and create a life filled with wonder.

I will be offering some free download days for this book.  Our newsletter subscribers will get a ‘head-up’ about free download days.

You can also check out some quotes and pictures on our Pinterest Page!

Here’s a Sample:

Heresy of Truth on Pinterest


I never realized that these 7 simple truths can help transform your thinking pattern. Sometimes we are so bogged down in the complexities of life, that we fail to look at the simplicity in it . I love the way you have articulated and presented this. BTW, the front cover is very creative and artistic. LOL. Great Job. When is the next one coming ???

-Celia on Good Reads

This book is well written and easy to follow. It’s positive and instructive, sure to inspire anyone who reads it. The information is presented in a way so all ages can understand and benefit from it. I know I’ll be reading it again when I need to get back “on track.”

-Cathy on Amazon

Unleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your LifeUnleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your Life by Curtis Lee

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2 thoughts on “Your Magical Powers!

  1. diana says:

    it is so true,I did not know I was doing most of these things till I read your book.I just got out of county jail (60)days.I used these techniques and bespectacled and lots of other girls. I looked at it as a time to study and become knowledgeable and help some lost soles. it worked.keep up the great work,love knowing that I’m doing the right thing. sincerely, diana

    • Glad to know this helped. May you enjoy the freedom away from county jail 🙂 And may the light inside of you continue to inspire others. Thank You for taking the time to say hello!

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