Personal Reflections

Long Sappy Queer Post

I have, long ago, accepted who I am but I still struggle with taking the next step of actually celebrating ALL of who I am.

Author’s note: The process of living “The Heresy of Truth” is looking at our own lives for what they truly are, not what we believe them to be. I am on this journey with you. I am not exempt from the process. I share a personal insight with you today that I originally posted on Facebook. I open up to you today in order to show that I “practice what I preach” and to demonstrate that looking at your life in an honest and no-holds-barred way can lead to insights, heading in a new direction toward happiness and healing leads to new questions and new opportunities to learn, grow and experience more joy.

From: Newly Confessed Queer with Questionable Punctuation Skills.:”;>$()

To: Whom it may concern and those who may offer friendly advice.

Re: I usually never do these kinds of posts, but…long sappy one here.

Warning: Proceed with caution and an open mind.


Preparation for an upcoming project has led me on a powerful emotional and spiritual journey of self discovery.


I have been officially “out” as a gay man since Crystal Waters hit “100% Pure Love,” (circa 1993 I think?) so if you didn’t know…well….now you know.


Most people have been really cool and supportive…but then there are those who will always see me and all my LGBTQIA+ sisters and brothers as less than. But the truth is, the most hateful speech came from within my own mind. I have, long ago, accepted who I am but I still struggle with taking the next step of actually celebrating ALL of who I am.

Now stay with me here…


In the nicest way possible and with gratitude for everyone who has privileged me with their love and friendship…I say the following: I have spent a lot of quality time with my dear straight and….(what’s the proper word?…heteronormative?) friends.


My self-discovery voyage has led me to conclude that part of the reason I have distanced myself from queer friends queer community is because of lacking self love.


I don’t want to live in fear of what people think anymore. I don’t want to live in self doubt anymore. I need to be authentically and completely me.


HELLLLP! I need to be around a quality group of queers like….*NOW!!!

*“Now” as is, “as soon as it’s safe to travel.”

Here’s where you come in:

Do you have any advice on some moderate-larger towns/cities with a friendly, welcoming LGBTQIA+ community?

*Can be anywhere in the world (assuming it is one day safe to travel again)

*Reasonably affordable. If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you for “listening.”

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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