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Gays, God, and Google+

I barely even bother with Facebook any more.  I check to see if anyone has sent me a message, or look to see if I still look younger than people I went to high school with.
sandwichGoogle+ has a reputation of being just for geeks.  Well, I have a thing for geeks…I keep it in my special no-no place.  But seriously folks…I have noticed that I connect with people on a different level on Google+.  there are groups for Transgender people, wisdom seekers, poets, etc.  I have joined several LGBT “Communities” (as Google calls them) and find that not only are my “circles” growing every day, the posts I receive in my feed are more poignant and the discussions more tuned to my actual interests.  While I’m sure someone cares that you had the chicken salad for lunch, I care about hearing from the underrepresented and the marginalized.  One warning, if you join any of the gay men’s communities, be prepared for your daily feed to be filled with pictures of muscled-up men with their shirts off.  But, I’ll take that over a picture of a sandwich any day.  Join me on Google+ HERE. 

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