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Gays, God, and Google+

I barely even bother with Facebook any more.  I check to see if anyone has sent me a message, or look to see if I still look younger than people I went to high school with.
sandwichGoogle+ has a reputation of being just for geeks.  Well, I have a thing for geeks…I keep it in my special no-no place.  But seriously folks…I have noticed that I connect with people on a different level on Google+.  there are groups for Transgender people, wisdom seekers, poets, etc.  I have joined several LGBT “Communities” (as Google calls them) and find that not only are my “circles” growing every day, the posts I receive in my feed are more poignant and the discussions more tuned to my actual interests.  While I’m sure someone cares that you had the chicken salad for lunch, I care about hearing from the underrepresented and the marginalized.  One warning, if you join any of the gay men’s communities, be prepared for your daily feed to be filled with pictures of muscled-up men with their shirts off.  But, I’ll take that over a picture of a sandwich any day.  Join me on Google+ HERE. 

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Magic Book

A faith that is based solely on a book is a faith that is broken.

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It’s Just Love

A rally for marriage equality.


Coming Out to Mom on Instant Message

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Coming Out to Mom on Instant Message

Many of us, the LGBT us, have shuddered to think about coming out to our Christian parents. Once in a while, however, it can not only bless us, but the ones that are close to us.  Being gay results in questioning everything we were taught a little kids.  We must recognize that it often causes those around us to seek deeper answers as well.

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Ex-Gay Program, Exodus International Makes an Exodus

What happens when an ex-gay program shuts down? It becomes an ex-ex-gay program! Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, decided that 40 years of trying to convince gay people that they are straight, is enough. Nice job Don’t lose heart Alan, Moses gave up as well, after forty years. There’s only one slight difference, Moses wasn’t trying to convince the Jewish people that they weren’t Jews.

I celebrate the discontinuation of swapping same-sex attraction for a harsh case of PTSD. I only hope that Mr Chanbers and others in the ex-gay movement learn a considerable lesson. Those that claim to be voices for God, are most assuredly not. Truth is often too concerned with one’s own journey to stop and cast aspersions on someone else.

Coming Out To Christ Media Steps to Freedom Uncategorized Video

Heresy of Truth Episode1:Steps to Freedom, One Secret presents a step by step recovery program for those who have been rejected by fundamentalist/evangelical churches. Are you gay? Did you grow up in a Christian church? This video is for you! You’re sure to enjoy the clips from Curtis’ stand-up comedy and gain insight from his personal commentary.