Who you are is about to change how you live!

Join the growing community of people who are being transformed by the Heresy of Truth!

Shockingly, we often ignore what is right in front of us and focus instead on who or what we “should” be.

Many relentlessly suffer from unresolved pain or wring our hands in fear of the future. Ultimately this prevents us from reaching our true potential and experiencing the profound beauty that permeates every moment of every day.

Award winning activist and Spiritual Practice Instructor, Curtis Lee created The Heresy Of Truth (abbreviated THOT) in order to bring his simple, real-world tested method to those who are ready to trade in the dry and dusty trappings of religion for the profound experience of being present in the present moment.

What is THOT?

The Heresy of Truth applies wisdom from ancient traditions to the complexities of modern life and helps people think in a new, creative and powerful way. THOT has nothing to do with believing things. Here we focus on the on looking at our lives for what they actually are.

Much of religion is centered on what we believe and fails to tells us that it is precisely our beliefs which are causing the majority of our suffering.

Looking at our universe, our world and our lives for what they truly are isn’t always easy. In fact, doing so may challenge every belief we’ve ever held.

That’s The Heresy Of Truth: Allowing our reality to challenge our religion!

Join Curtis Lee for this life-changing journey.

Who You Are is About to Change How You Live!