The History of The Heretic: About Curtis Lee and Heresy of Truth

Calling All Heretics

“Heresy” is usually thought of as something outside the religious mainstream or even blasphemous. We often fear heretics, because we fear change. We find ourselves in an age where mainstream institutions have become guardians of antiquated worldviews and unimaginative staleness. Heretics are needed to elevate the dialogue around spiritual thought and practice. Heretics are needed to reject the toxic downward spiral that is division and partisanship. Heretics are needed to challenge the status quo.

The Heresy of Truth is a platform for teaching the integration of spiritual practice into every day life, relationships and work. We help individuals and organizations develop an immediate and scalable action plan based on a deep dive into their current reality.

Meet Heresy of Truth founder Curtis “Lee” Rodgers:

Curtis grew up in an evangelical church and was convinced his destiny was to become a Christian pastor.  During a short stint (getting kicked out!) of a Fundamentalist Bible college Curtis began to question his faith.   After a decade of heartfelt seeking and tireless research, it was time to return to the ministry in a very different way.  As a pastor, Curtis was known for his imaginative leadership and ability to bring lofty spiritual concepts into everyday life.

Curtis left the pastorate in 2019, got rid of his belongings and hit the road as a traveling digital nomad. Today he works as a Branding and Digital Media Consultant while launching a lifelong dream, the Embrace Life Project.


  • At the age of 16, Curtis began a love affair with public speaking and hosted his first public lecture entitled, Being Weird and Loving it.
  • Curtis became a regular in the Seattle comedy club scene. He was a touring cast member of Queer as a Three Dollar Bill, Seattle’s longest running gay and lesbian stand-up group and was a semi-finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition.  Curtis has opened for amazing comedians such as Mitch Hedberg and Peggy Platt.
  • Curtis was fortunate to present a forum entitled Why the Christian Right is Wrong!  for Gay City Health Project in Seattle and has hosted and performed at many Pride festival events.
  • He was a local business consultant and served as a corporate trainer for a national chain, creating comprehensive and innovative manuals, lectures and training materials.
  • Curtis is the former pastor and Minister of Emergent Innovation at the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley, California.
  • He is the co-founder of Families & Friends Living United in Diversity (FFLUID).
  • Currently, Curtis is a Branding and Digital Marketing Consultant with clients across the spectrum from religious/nonprofit and small business sectors to individual influencers and entrepreneurs.

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