The History of The Heretic: About Curtis Lee and Heresy of Truth

Curtis The Misfit Mystic

Curtis grew up in an evangelical church and was convinced his destiny was to become a Christian pastor.  A short stint at  fundamentalist Bible college (the dean asked him not to come back!), Curtis began to question his faith.   After a decade of heart-felt seeking and tireless research, it was time to go public with his findings. seeks to become a source of hope for all those who have been rejected by evangelical/fundamentalist Christian churches.  Curtis brings all his myriad of life experience into the thoughtful rants and heretical humor that is Heresy of Truth!

Goals of Heresy of Truth:

  1. To correct the flaws of fundamentalist dogma and help those who have been hurt by the Christianity find pathways to peace.
  2. Replacing that idea that God is a mythical being that dwells in the sky, with a faith practice that is applicable to everyday life.
  3. Respect people of all faith traditions, encouraging celebration of our differences and joy concerning the things that we have in common.
  4. Be funny and look pretty while doing the first 3!

Curtis Lee  Bio:

  • In his youth Curtis was President of his church Youth Group and traveled with a singing group called “Followers of the Way” and wrote and directed his first play, Heartbreak Christmas, at the age of 13.
  • In high school Curtis became highly involved in the arts: Marching and Concert Band, Chorus, and Speech and Theater.  He was student director of the junior high choir and was a state finalist in Radio Broadcasting and also would often compete in National Forensics League.
  • At the age of 16 he began a love affair with public speaking hosting student council lectures, speaking at the Lion’s Club,  and traveling to a nearby school to give a lecture entitled Being Weird and Loving it.
  • After a short stay in Bible college Curtis became a regular in the Seattle comedy club scene. He was a touring cast member of Queer as a Three Dollar Bill, Seattle’s longest running gay and lesbian stand-up group and was a semi-finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition.  Curtis has opened for amazing comedians such as Mitch Hedberg and Peggy Platt.
  • Curtis was fortunate to present a forum entitled Why the Christian Right is Wrong!  for Gay City Health Project in Seattle
  • He was a corporate trainer for a national restaurant chain and both wrote and co-wrote restaurant manuals and training materials.
  • Curtis is currently a Media and Communications chairperson and Deacon with United Church of Christ in southern California and administrates the church blog and is a student in the tradition of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia and is a practicing Gnostic.

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