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Coming Out to Christ

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Many of you my know that the last year of my life has resulted in the loss of transportation, job, and nearly all of my ability to imagine. Shortly after releasing the little book Unleash Your Magical Powers, I was rear-ended at a stoplight and my world began to unravel. After some time of healing spiritually, emotional, and physically I realized that the best way to complete this healing process was to reach out and begin helping others. Coming Out to Christ, a recovery program for those who have been hurt by mainstream Christianity, seeks to offer an alternative to so-called ex-gay ministries. I contend that those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (or the rainbow of possibilities in-between) have an unique prospective to offer in the discussion aboput spirituality.

I created Coming Out to Christ as a live, hour-long, interactive Webinar that consists of a 20-25 minute presentation followed by a Q&A session.

The 5 Sessions are as Follows:

Session 1: The God of Rainbows
what is Spectral Thinking and how will it change everything I know about God and Existence?

Session 2: Who was Jesus? Who is Christ?
Did you know that Jesus and Christ are different? Yesss….Ma’am!
This one simple fact can break the chains of Fundamentalism, and offer the LGBT person a fresh perspective on spirituality.

Session 3: Sin, Sex, and Desire

Passion can take a person (or an empire, for that matter) and build them up or tear them down. Learn a fresh view of “sin” and enjoy living with passion, not just in the bedroom…but in everyday life.

Session 4: Unleash Your Magical Potential

stop living like a victim, and begin to be victorious.

Session 5: Unleash Your Magical Powers

Discover the key to using passion and possibility to turn life from boring to fabulous and begin to set the course for the future by understanding the tiny things that happen every day.

Fundraiser Details:Attend the webinars for free!

Anyone interested in attending thw webinars, that cannot afford to donate, may register on our waiting list by commenting on the very top post on our Facebook Page or our Website.  Say a little something about yourself, and why you would like to attend.*For every $50 Raised, I will add one spot to the webinar

* $50 Donors may choose to:
1. Use the Scholarship for themselves.
2. Gift the the scholarship to someone they know
3. Choose from our Waiting List (people who have requested to be put on the wating list by commenting on Facebook, or Our Website)

*$5-$10 Donations will be tallied until they reach $50 and then one of the people who have requested to be on the Waiting List will be given a the open slot.

“Diva Donors”
Get 2 Private mentoring sessions with Curtis:

1. Passions and Problems: A look at what makes you tick and what ticks you off!  Often, our passions contain the keys to unlock our struggles.

2.  Action Plan:  Curtis lays out a personalized plan of action that uses your personal power to transform your life.

Diva Donors also receive 2 Scholarships that they may choose to gift to people they know or people on our Waiting List.

Webinar Info:
*Participants must join the webinar through Google Hangouts.
*Participants will be given a chance to pick from a range of dates and times for each Session.
*Sessions will be kept to 5-7 Participants each (except “Diva Donor” Private Sessions.

Any other questions are welcome!

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Gays, God, and Google+

I barely even bother with Facebook any more.  I check to see if anyone has sent me a message, or look to see if I still look younger than people I went to high school with.
sandwichGoogle+ has a reputation of being just for geeks.  Well, I have a thing for geeks…I keep it in my special no-no place.  But seriously folks…I have noticed that I connect with people on a different level on Google+.  there are groups for Transgender people, wisdom seekers, poets, etc.  I have joined several LGBT “Communities” (as Google calls them) and find that not only are my “circles” growing every day, the posts I receive in my feed are more poignant and the discussions more tuned to my actual interests.  While I’m sure someone cares that you had the chicken salad for lunch, I care about hearing from the underrepresented and the marginalized.  One warning, if you join any of the gay men’s communities, be prepared for your daily feed to be filled with pictures of muscled-up men with their shirts off.  But, I’ll take that over a picture of a sandwich any day.  Join me on Google+ HERE. 

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Gay lunch and gay parking

I cracked up when I saw this.

Gay lunch and gay parking.


What most people think about prayer

What most people think about prayer

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Spoken Word Remix

Rev. Giff Smith gave a stirring message about the amazing stuff that we all have in our center.  If you need some inspiration this is a great way to get it!  Put this track on as you get ready for work in the morning for a quick boost of hope.

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Media Video

Magic Book

A faith that is based solely on a book is a faith that is broken.


Paper Cages of Printed Words

Paper Cages of Printed Words

My latest post on Google+ discusses a major fundamentalist argument: The Bible as the “word of God”.

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Truth from the Tiny



Come See Curtis Live this Sunday!

“Triangle in the Sand: The Mystery of Sacred Geometry” will be presented this Sunday at the United Church of Christ at 370 Royal Ave in  Simi Valley, CA.   Curtis uses the Symbol of the Great Pyramid in Giza to illustrate how Biblical symbols are, in fact, more ancient than the text itself!  Come hear about our ancient Spiritual heritage and discover the importance of remembering what we have forgotten is more important than boasting about what we know.Image

Media Video

It’s Just Love

A rally for marriage equality.