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Gays, God, and Google+

I barely even bother with Facebook any more.  I check to see if anyone has sent me a message, or look to see if I still look younger than people I went to high school with.
sandwichGoogle+ has a reputation of being just for geeks.  Well, I have a thing for geeks…I keep it in my special no-no place.  But seriously folks…I have noticed that I connect with people on a different level on Google+.  there are groups for Transgender people, wisdom seekers, poets, etc.  I have joined several LGBT “Communities” (as Google calls them) and find that not only are my “circles” growing every day, the posts I receive in my feed are more poignant and the discussions more tuned to my actual interests.  While I’m sure someone cares that you had the chicken salad for lunch, I care about hearing from the underrepresented and the marginalized.  One warning, if you join any of the gay men’s communities, be prepared for your daily feed to be filled with pictures of muscled-up men with their shirts off.  But, I’ll take that over a picture of a sandwich any day.  Join me on Google+ HERE. 

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Truth from the Tiny


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Ex-Gay Program, Exodus International Makes an Exodus

What happens when an ex-gay program shuts down? It becomes an ex-ex-gay program! Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, decided that 40 years of trying to convince gay people that they are straight, is enough. Nice job Don’t lose heart Alan, Moses gave up as well, after forty years. There’s only one slight difference, Moses wasn’t trying to convince the Jewish people that they weren’t Jews.

I celebrate the discontinuation of swapping same-sex attraction for a harsh case of PTSD. I only hope that Mr Chanbers and others in the ex-gay movement learn a considerable lesson. Those that claim to be voices for God, are most assuredly not. Truth is often too concerned with one’s own journey to stop and cast aspersions on someone else.

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Your Magical Powers!

Unleash Your Magical Powers

Curtis’ New Book

I am thrilled to announce that my new book Unleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your Life is now available on Amazon on kindle or in paperback!

Turn a boring, uneventful life into an amazing journey of magical discovery. Curtis Lee explains 7 easy methods that turn struggles into triumphs. Learn how to use visualization imagery techniques to deal with unruly coworkers, nail that important interview, and create a life filled with wonder.

I will be offering some free download days for this book.  Our newsletter subscribers will get a ‘head-up’ about free download days.

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Heresy of Truth on Pinterest


I never realized that these 7 simple truths can help transform your thinking pattern. Sometimes we are so bogged down in the complexities of life, that we fail to look at the simplicity in it . I love the way you have articulated and presented this. BTW, the front cover is very creative and artistic. LOL. Great Job. When is the next one coming ???

-Celia on Good Reads

This book is well written and easy to follow. It’s positive and instructive, sure to inspire anyone who reads it. The information is presented in a way so all ages can understand and benefit from it. I know I’ll be reading it again when I need to get back “on track.”

-Cathy on Amazon

Unleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your LifeUnleash Your Magical Powers: 7 Easy Ways to Use Visualization Imagery to Transform Your Life by Curtis Lee

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